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Johnny Wheeler and the 601 Squadron flying sword

I’ve read speculation before that Billy Fiske was nothing more than another bored wealthy American adventurer, searching for thrill in whatever means could be found.  This has been an accusation put forward to all of the nine Americans that would leave the USA to fight in what became known as the Battle of Britain.  I certainly can’t speak for the motives of each man, but the facts present the opposite for Billy.

Billy Fiske Foundation Board Member Paul Beaver interviews British Military Historian Peter Caddick-Adams on the life of Billy Fiske and his role in World War II.

Tizard's Cavity Magnetron - Billy Fiske Foundation

To be truthful, I did not know anything about Billy before December 2016 when, at a Christmas celebration dinner sponsored by the 601 (County of London) Squadron held in Washington, DC, I met the Honorable Kevin Billings, who in short order introduced me to the fascinating, compelling and incredibly impactful life of Billy Fiske.