8th Annual Billy Fiske Dinner and Auction


On behalf of the Billy  Fiske Foundation and 601 (County of London) Squadron, I want to extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to each and every person who joined us, in person or in spirit, for the 8th Annual Billy Fiske Dinner at the British Embassy in Washington. This year’s event was truly exceptional, filled with warmth, camaraderie, and a sense of shared purpose. It was a great opportunity to also pay tribute to our friend Air Vice-Marshal Jez Attridge for his service as His Majesty’s Air and Space Attaché over the past three years, and express our deepest thanks to QinetiQ for their invaluable contributions.

The 8th Annual Billy Fiske Dinner was a memorable occasion that brought together a diverse group of individuals from around the world all passionate about aviation and honouring the remarkable legacy of Billy Fiske. The atmosphere was electric, with buzzing conversations and laughter filling the air. The event served as a testament to the power of personal friendships that Billy Fiske represents and the enduring spirit of “The Special Relationship”.

During the evening, we had the honour of paying tribute to Air Vice-Marshal Jez Attridge, a true aviation superstar. We were joined by Attachés from 20 countries as testament to Jez’s remarkable career as an aviator and diplomat. We took the opportunity to thank him for his tremendous support of the Billy Fiske Foundation and acknowledge his recent promotion and his new assignment in Saudi Arabia. We are immensely proud of his accomplishments and wish him continued success in his future endeavours.

We would like to extend a special thank you to QinetiQ for their invaluable support of the Foundation and partnership in making the dinner possible. QinetiQ’s dedication to advancing aerospace technology and their commitment to innovation have been instrumental in shaping the future of aviation. QinetiQ’s commitment to fostering collaboration and driving advancements in aerospace technology has been pivotal in furthering UK-US partnerships. Its dedication to safety, efficiency, and sustainability is evident in their work, and we are grateful for their support.

The 8th Annual Billy Fiske Dinner was an extraordinary celebration of the personal friendships that is the fabric of not only the relationship between the United States and Great Britain, but all freedom loving countries throughout the world. We would like express our to heartfelt gratitude to all who attended and contributed to the success of this event.