Billy Fiske Foundation - the outside of the US Embassy in London
Billy Fiske statue at the US Embassy in London

Billy Fiske statue has been unveiled!

On 04 June, 2024, at the U.S. Embassy at Nine Elms in London, we unveiled and dedicating the long awaited statue of William Meade Lindsley Fiske III. This special event included an honour guard and anticipated remarks by former US Ambassador to the United Kingdom Matthew Barzun, sculptor Jenna Gearing as well as by Billy Fiske Foundation President Kevin Billings, OBE.

Sculptor Jenna Gearing with one of her other works of art

The statue of Billy has long been a cornerstone of the efforts of the Foundation. We cannot commend our sculptor, Jenna Gearing enough. Her expertise and talents are central to this project and without her, this sculpture would not be the powerful artwork that she is renowned for. This project was years in the making and she remained steadfast throughout the creative process. Jenna recently remarked, “I like to specialise in “interesting pieces of interesting people” she says, “and I love to create images of people’s dogs, horses and, my favourite, the diminutive roe deer. I look forward to creating a statue of that great American-British hero Billy Fiske to remind people of the fantastic links across the Atlantic.”

Kevin Billlings and Jane Hartley

Honourary Group Captain Kevin Billings, OBE and the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Jane D. Hartley

We are honoured to have our supporters and friends with us as we achieve a monumental part of our mission. You all made this possible.

The Billy Fiske Foundation exists to maintain his legacy of bravery, creativity, and selfless dedication to his friends. Through erecting a memorial at the United States Embassy in London and by conducting cultural and educational exchanges, the Foundation endeavours to reinforce and
grow the individual and collective friendships that are the true foundation of the “Special Relationship” — an ideal first coined by Sir Winston Churchill in 1941.

Our two nations have stood together for the shared values of freedom, democracy and justice through thick and thin and today strengthening the fibres that tie us together is as important as it has ever been.