From the GE Defense & Aerospace Air Power Podcast [Jun 06, 24] Season 2 E22: Past & Present, an interview with Billy Fiske Foundation President, Kevin Billings, HGC, OBE. A discussion of the life of RAF Pilot Officer Billy Fiske and the unveiling and dedication of the statue of Fiske at the American Embassy in London, UK.

Happy 109th birthday to Billy Fiske, from The Billy Fiske Foundation and Friends. Today, 4 June 2020, we would like to remember Fiske’s life & all that he stood for: justice, bravery, and the enduring friendship between the US & UK. Please enjoy this special birthday “Shout-Out” from a few of your friends.

Billy Fiske Foundation Board Member Paul Beaver interviews British Military Historian Peter Caddick-Adams on the life of Billy Fiske and his role in World War II.